What If… You tapped into your limitless potential?


Life as you know it is just the tip of the iceberg; your true potential is found below the surface.

I know you don’t believe me, why would you? It’s almost as though we humans wade through the mire of life, determined that we won’t waste a drop of what we are truly capable of on the wrong things. In case we don’t get another shot at being happy or making it big.

Who told you that you only have one shot?

Who said that you’d run out of good feelings if you overused them?

Why do you insist on living the smallest life you can?

Your human potential is vast. There is no limit to what you are capable of doing. Some of our fellow Earth-dwellers have shown us countless times that adversity can be overcome, great ideas can thrive and benchmarks can be surpassed; yet the majority of the human race still think small. We still set boundaries so far within our comfort zone that we end up never achieving half of what we’d hoped in our lifetimes.

The Conform Zone

I like to call our comfort zone The Conform Zone. It’s where we pack away our great, big, creative, zany, wild, wicked and innovative ideas and try our best to not draw attention to ourselves. We play by rules which have been set by those who took power away from us. We ignore time and it passes by lightning-fast and we end up finding an old face reflected back at us when we still feel young. We refuse to shine our light, to walk our own talk and live authentically in case we draw negative attention or look foolish.

Waiting for Perfection

I often hear would-be parents say they want to be more settled, more affluent and more secure before trying for a baby. Those of you who are already parents know you will never attain a perfect pre-child state, (because there just isn’t one), so you might as well get on with the miracle-making and trust you’ll all be ok.

There are would-be businessmen who have the best ideas, best work ethic and best chance of success, but they refuse to launch their idea until ‘all their ducks are in a row’. Writers don’t write the powerful story they hold within until a publisher shows interest.¬†Artists don’t paint the masterpiece until they know they have a buyer.¬†Lovers don’t get married until they’ve saved for the perfect day.

It’s. All. One. Big. Stalling. Tactic.

Based on fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear you’ll lose more than you will gain. Fear.

So you sit it out until the moment passes. You miss a lifetime of happiness while you scrimp and save for a perfect wedding day. You wait so long to launch your idea that someone else beats you to the patent. You finally achieve security enough to start a family but your fertility has waned with age. You never get the advance from the publisher so you don’t write your amazing book. You devalue your art based on other people’s values and so stop painting. You only see the tip of the iceberg.

Trust that there are limitless reserves

Like an iceberg, your potential is as yet unseen. Your life task is to challenge all the norms and find a voice to sing your own song, to your own tune.

Just as a newborn baby has the potential to walk, talk, eat, run, play, think, learn – you have this same potential throughout your whole life. You do not have to live a small life if you want the big time. You have the same access to every bit of magic, knowledge, luck, sense, inner wisdom and success as every other human being on this planet. Opportunity is unrestricted so live large, show up, be your best and try, try again. Success is achievable when you believe you can do anything. Potential is limitless, tap into it now and start on your path to your best life ever.

Remember; don’t focus so intently on the tip of the iceberg that you miss everything that is going on underneath!

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