What if universal attraction

What if… the universe said YES to your dreams?

What if universal attraction

If we are to believe Law of Attraction practitioners; the universe is an all-giving, resplendently abundant force which works on the premise that what you simply ask for what you want and it will be magically delivered;

“ask and you shall receive” 

Leaving all scepticism at the door for a moment, what if it was true, what then? What would your life look like if you had EVERYTHING you’d ever dreamed of?

You might be concerned you’d be too greedy, that in taking everything you want you might leave nothing for anyone else… but this is not the case, the universe is replete with goodies – abundant. Besides, you might want a helicopter and I might want a yacht, so not everyone will be asking for the exact same things.

Dream a little, go on. There’s no harm in it.

Here are five practical things you can do to reinforce your dreams and help the universe take the hint!

1. Believe 

If you ask for something but you don’t believe you deserve it, all you’ll get is the belief that you don’t deserve things. If you’re already rejecting the Law of Attraction, then you’ll never believe you can get what you want by simply asking for it and guess what, you’ll be right! The universe will deliver what you invest your emotions in and so you’ll never get what you want by simply asking for it!

Start small, ask for something you want, suspend disbelief and the need to be proved right. Just to see what will happen.

I have a little story about belief, I almost ruined my efforts but thankfully the universe moved faster than my mind could create a doubt and it changed my life forever:

Back in 2005 I created a vision board, cutting out motivational texts and photos including piles of cash, a house by the sea, a blue Mercedes and a happy family. I’d also added a photo of Nokia’s new mobile phone handset.

The phone was gold with cream accents and, in a world where all phones were grey, silver or black, it was the prettiest phone I’d ever seen. It also made a cute tune when you flipped it open. I really wanted one.

3 days after creating this vision board, (which I’d put up on the wall of my office), my own mobile phone packed in and I was forced to use a very old, ugly black brick of a handset which didn’t always connect properly and ran out of battery charge mid-way through a call. It was just after such a failed call that I remember looking at the vision board and huffing; “who am I kidding, I ask for that phone and end up with something worse than I had!”

Literally seconds later, a friend arrived at my office. “My phone was due an upgrade,” he said, “but I am happy with my handset and didn’t want to change it. I saw a little phone on display and thought it had your name written all over it so I used my upgrade to get it for you, here you go.” You’ve guessed it, it was the very same phone from my vision board.

We were both a bit freaked when I showed my friend the photo on the board, I’ve still got the phone, 13 years later, and although it no longer works and has been superseded by many phone and then smartphone incarnations, it remains my perfect reminder to have absolute belief.

I also now live in a house by the sea with my happy family and drive a blue Mercedes, although they did take a while longer to manifest!

Nokia phone

2. Be grateful for everything you already have

The universe gives you more of what you are emotionally, passionately focussed on. It’s easy, when you’re looking to manifest the life of your dreams, to forget just how wonderful your life is now and to think negatively about those things you want to change, but you need to stop doing that if you want to get the good stuff! The Law of Attraction tells us that the universe gives you what you focus on, if you’re focussed on something negatively, you end up with more of what is causing the negativity.

Thinking; “thank you for our happy family home”, keeps you in positive emotional alignment with getting an ideal family home. If the home of your dreams is a four bedroomed house but your thoughts are emotionally focussed on how squashed you all are in your two bedroom home, that’s what you’ll get more of; being squashed in.

Pay attention to everything that is good and be mindful to stem negativity. Re-frame your thoughts and make sure you adopt an attitude of gratitude in whatever you are emotionally focussed on. If you are looking for love, be careful of thinking; “I’ll never meet the right person”. Instead be thankful of the social occasions you enjoy with friends or take note of how loved you are by family. If you need a car, be aware of any tendencies to curse while waiting for a bus and use the time to express gratitude for being able to get from a to b. Being grateful and seeing the positives gives you more positives and even more things to be grateful for. Remember; thoughts become realities.

Endue gratitude


3. Visualise having it already.

Connecting emotionally to that which you desire can be enhanced by using powerful visualisation techniques.

You want the latest sports car? Imagine it’s parked right outside. Close your eyes and picture yourself opening the door, smell that ‘new car’ interior. Climb in and hear the clunk of the door closing. Adjust the mirrors and start the engine. Hear it roar. Engage the gear and set off, smoothly and effortlessly. See your hands on the steering wheel, play your music through the sound system, look out of the windshield. Wind down the windows and feel the breeze through your hair. Hear a passer by say “nice car”. Feel good?

Remember that feeling, often, until that very car, or that holiday, that house, that relationship is yours.

Advanced visualisations involve being able to hold a movie of yourself in your head, turning up the brightness and the sound on the internal film of your perfect life. What would you be doing on a Monday morning at 10am if your life was the best version it could be?

Would you have a private jet flying you to a meeting in New York? Would you be walking your Red Setter along a south coast beach? Would you be having coffee with your best friend? Taking an art class? Meditating in the sunshine of a Spanish island? Hiking in the Peruvian rainforests? Saving whales?

Close your eyes and see yourself in that situation, then turn up the brightness so the colours are fully saturated and the light is clear. Turn up the volume so that you can hear the noises and words clearly. Enjoy watching the movie, notice how it makes you feel, turn up the feelings, breathe them in, align yourself with this life and carry these feelings with you throughout your day. Before you know it, this will be your everyday life.

Visualise endue

4. Affirmations are positive reinforcers of your intentions

I know, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, right? Wrong…! Talking to yourself may feel really weird, but it’s worth persistent effort as it puts you in the right frame of mind to receive.

Based on the theory of ‘like attracts like’, repeatedly affirming your intentions, in the present tense, aligns you with what you want.

One rule is to be very specific; saying, “I have won the lottery”, might mean that you win a fiver. If you want to have an abundance of money and riches, you need to focus on the feelings you’d get if you had millions of pounds in the bank, therefore your affirmation might be; “I enjoy the freedom to live my life, explore the world and buy what I choose now that I am a millionaire”. This affirmation would be aligned with the reality of having money. As you say the words, feel the feelings each word evokes; enjoy, freedom, explore, choose. You see it’s not having money that gives you the greatest feelings, it is what you could do with the money that gives you the greatest feelings.

We tend to think in terms of our childhood beliefs, if you believe that you have to work hard for your money, then you’ll have to work hard for your money. Try changing your those beliefs which limit your potential into the opposite with positive affirmations; “Money flows to me effortlessly.” “I have so much energy left after a days work”.

  • Always speak in the present tense, I have, I am, I can, I do, etc.
  • Practice in front of the mirror as you shave or put on make-up.
  • Write your affirmations down and pin them in places you’ll see daily.
  • Say them out loud, repeating with energy and enthusiasm and belief.
  • Use positive words which speak about the great things you want; enjoy, strength, love, abundance.
  • Use words such as flow, effortless, energy to describe how easy things will arrive.

Healthy affirmation

5. Relinquish control of the ‘how’.

This is quite possibly the hardest part of the process. Humans are a driven species who have an inherent need for control. Control of their own life, where they live, how they live, where they work, how they spend their free time, who they spend time with. The concept of letting go and letting a higher power line up the best outcome is so alien to most humans that this important step is missed and we then settle for less than we could have had.

Having an intention seemingly carries with it an unspoken responsibility to force the outcome, as if waiting for the outcome to arrive without our intervention is wrong or somehow lazy. “I am the master of my own destiny”, and all that.

In forcing an outcome though, the universe doesn’t get a chance to line up the best it has to offer you. In effect, you block the better things by settling for the best outcome you can make fit with your intention. Is that really what you want?

Say you ask the universe for a job doing something you love which earns you an income of £100k per year. In your ‘masterful’ state, you put all your energy into applying for an internal role in that pay bracket. You get the job and it pays you the goal salary. Happy days, you win. Only, that job is in management and you love being an instructor, so although you managed to get the right amount of money, the soulless role is one you hate and you find yourself thinking that you’d gladly take a pay cut to be doing something you love.

If you had let your control of the outcome go, just watching out for small coincidences and serendipitous events before you took action, you would have found that the universe had lined up the perfect instructor role paying £100k pa.

Trust that what you want, or something better, is coming to you effortlessly, then let go and let the universe deliver.

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