Angel number messages

Love from Above | Repeating Numbers

Angel number messages

Do you often see repeating numbers? Is the time always at the same number of minutes after the hour whenever you look at the clock? I am going through this right now, my watch is at 11:11am or 23:23. Sometimes the pattern is reversed, such as 15:51pm – but every time I look at the time, there’s a repetitive pattern to it. My sat nav does it too; regularly telling me it will be 11:11am when I arrive or that it will take 3hrs 33mins to get some place or its 222 miles to my destination. The timer on the microwave has been left with 22 seconds on it, the train has the number 444 painted at the front of it. The weather is 22 degrees on the 22nd – that kind of thing, I dream I need to be somewhere at 10 past 10. Coincidence?

These repeated numbers make me smile because I know these are angelic messages reassuring me that my soul and mind are aligning with innate universal power and my goals are very close to fruition.

So what do these numbers mean?

1. Plant seeds, start something new, look towards leadership roles and make the first steps with confidence.

2. All about partnerships, who could you work with? Are you looking for love? If so, it’s your lucky day.

3. Creativity, expression and love are in abundance right now, make the most of them.

4. Money money money, invest some of your cash in yourself and in your bricks and mortar home.

5. Change is as good as a rest! There’s something different coming your way, embrace it!

6. Harmony and balance are needed, play some music, find time for you and take good care.

7. It’s a good time to retreat and connect with The Great Spirit. Meditate, reflect and centre yourself.

8. The number of infinite expansion. You can not fail, go big, live large and authentically.

9. Compassionate causes are at the forefront of your mind, share your light, live your best life.

0. Zeros magnify the meaning of the number preceding it. They represent infinity and wholeness

11. Intuition, spirituality, teaching and writing. You are shining right now with creative inspiration.

22. Double the power of two, share your plans to see them helped to fruition. Success is yours.

33. You are a huge inspiration and should put effort into taking your positivity to the masses.

44. You have an opportunity to majorly impact the world, think big and make a watertight plan.

55. You have the power to completely change your life, begin something new and put yourself first.

66. You are beautiful, you are loved, the messages are telling you it’s necessary to love yourself too.

77. Quiet your mind and hear the divine wisdom of the universe to find your purpose and live your truth.

88. You need to shoulder big responsibilities but you’re able. Stay focussed on the end goal and grasp success.

99. A full glass can fit in no more wine, it’s time to make room for something better. Loss and sadness may be felt.

111. You have everything you need to create all you want. Leave self doubt behind and make strides forward.

222. Dance yourself dizzy because love will sweep you off your feet and you’ll be feeling swell.

333. Nothing can stop you now. Take your creative inspiration into the world. Heartfelt words, powerful vision.

444. All of your dreams, desires, ideas, visions and plans are being made manifest. Hold on to your hat! And Go!

555. Change is moving faster than you can keep up. Travel, adventure and lots and lots of fun.

Triple 6. Not as evil as some think, this means you are making choices from a position of lack and desperation.

777. After a period of inner reflection and personal growth, the time is right to share your insights with the world.

888. You create your own luck, you have what it takes to succeed. Mind you don’t lose it all tomorrow though!

999. The end of a long karmic cycle where you have to let go of that which you have outgrown and move on.

1111. What do you want? It’s all yours. This is the magic manifestation number, focus on the future and make it.

What number patterns are you seeing?

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