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Angelic Messages

Love from Above; Feathers

Messages from angels? Is there such a thing? If there is, how do you tell whether it’s just a happy coincidence or an actual sign from the heavens?

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at feathers and their global, age-old symbolism related to enlightenment, communication and higher thought.

Research, (yes, the scientific kind), shows that we humans only use 10% of our brains to live normal, healthy lives. In developing at least some of the other 90% through introspection, meditation and inspired learning, we open ourselves to a higher realm of consciousness. Call it universal knowledge, celestial truth, ancient wisdom or whatever you will; being open to furthering our understanding means that the everyday becomes miraculous and curiosity rewards us with experiences and knowledge needed for growth and expansion.

I don’t have feather pillows or duvets but…

I’m inundated with tiny white feathers right now. I keep asking myself if the words I’m sharing on this blog are right; are they helpful, meaningful and most importantly, is it my place to write them? After every single one of these niggling little doubts, a tiny white feather shows up in a ridiculous place. The photo below shows the one I managed to photograph which floated onto the back of my right hand as I again questioned my path.

Angelic messages?

Lets break it down.

Feather symbol

White feathers are a sign that your angels are near. Feathers are a  universally recognised symbol of communication, particularly prayers or incantations. This blog is a form of communication, I’m ambidextrous but was taught at a young age to write with my right hand. Landing between the ring finger and middle finger also has significance in palmistry, with the ring finger Apollo showing creativity, good fortune and success coupled with the wisdom of the Saturn-ruled middle finger. Together, these fingers represent good karma in metaphysics. All good there then!

The Cultural Importance of Feathers

Feathers come from birds, birds represent freedom and inspired thought in many ancient cultures. Flying through the vast skies with limitless expansion towards the heavens, (symbolic of effortless thoughts and higher realms), birds possess the ability to transcend this earthly plane and deliver messages from one place to the next. Even from heaven to earth. Early Africans assert that birds are the souls of humans which have reached a high state of perfection.

Think about the carrier pigeon, used in WW1, which carried messages over enemy lines. In folklore, the stork carries a baby to its new home, bringing messages of great joy. The dove brings messages of peace, the raven messages from the underworld. If you see a particular feather from a particular bird, look it up for in-depth symbolism and meaning.

Three feathers were a symbol of hope, faith and charity to Christians, and, of course, the Christian image of God’s messenger is an angel with large white wings. Similarly, in the Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations; both Hermes, (the fleet-footed messenger God of the Greeks), and Mercury, (Roman God of communication), wear winged helmets and anklets. Further associating heavenly communication with feathers.

Egyptians saw the feather as representing Shu, the God of the air and father of the Earth and the Sky. Traditionally worn by the Goddess Ma’at, the ostrich feather is a bringer of visions and dreams and a symbol of speaking the truth. (Ma’at would weigh the heart of a deceased person against the feather to ascertain their soul’s worth – linking the feather to the heart of someone in spirit).

Native American chiefs wear feathers to symbolise their celestial wisdom and ability to communicate with Spirit. Feathers also represent the power of air, wind and thunder and are commonly used in prayer and on sticks in ritual dances.

Druids adorn their robes with feathers to invoke the sky gods which were required to ascend from the earthly plane into the realm of the ether.

Aboriginal tribes use feathers in spiritual ceremonies and rituals, while in Hawaii, the featherwork of Lei Hulu, regalia and standards was considered to carry great mana, or supernatural power.

Finding feathers; what does it mean? 

Ancient cultures know that the shaft of a feather is hollow and believed that prayers, wishes and dreams can travel up through the shaft and the blessings, answers and messages can be received through the same channel. Feathers are a sacred gift to be revered. Be grateful for the message if one comes your way.

If a feather lands at your feet after you have made a prayer or asked a question, your call has been heard and answered. If you come across a feather in your path, once again it is in answer to your prayers. Feathers floating onto an object, a person or animal take on elements of the placement and the thing it’s landed on; for example, imagine you are having doubts about your relationship and fear getting hurt and you ask, “is he the one?” and at that moment you watch a white feather fall silently from the sky onto his chest, then yes, the answer is that he’s the one! (I have had many magically inspirational moments involving feathers, this very Avatar-movie-like moment being one of them!)

Colours of feathers are significant too;

  • White | celestial, higher thought, spirit guides, angelic realms, purity, truth, hope, trust, faith, peace, spirituality, innocence
  • Black | protection, warning, end of something, mysticism, repelling negativity, magic, standing strong, spiritual growth
  • Grey | neutrality, peaceful state, authenticity, a message that you are on the right track, take the middle ground – be flexible
  • Brown | earth, balance, stability, home, friends, respect, roots, getting back to basics, staying grounded
  • Blue | communication, inspiration, calm, spiritual protection, knowing, intuition, honesty
  • Green | health, healing, vitality, growth, fertility, abundance, money, success, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, love
  • Purple | universal consciousness, higher powers, deeply spiritual, psychic experience, intuition, powerful connections, wisdom of the universe
  • Pink | Unconditional love, romance, kindness, being gentle, honour and respect, inspired thought, thinking of others, manifestation, empathy, caring, soulmate, gentle and compassionate
  • Orange | energy, attraction, changes, new ideas, innovation, determination, will power, ambition, success, independence, optimism, positivity, appetite
  • Yellow | happiness, joy, playfulness, blessings, intelligence, alertness, focus, vision, gut instinct, cheery disposition, present in the now
  • Red | passion, possessions, security, stability, career, fortune, life force, vitality, emotions, courage, heart, physical prowess, showing off, strutting your stuff

So, whether you’re wanting to know if loved ones have passed over safely, or if you’re on the right track; whether you just want a sign. Simply ask the angels for a feather sign and, after you have given thanks for the sign, interpret it according to the above or to whatever feelings and meanings it evokes in you. It’s your personal message after all.


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