Learn The Tarot | The Fool

We start your journey into learning about the Tarot with the most appropriate card of the whole deck, The Fool.

Usually numbered zero, (but can sometimes be 22), this card represents the moment before the outset of a journey – it can be a physical journey, learning a new skill, starting a new career, the first flush of love or getting your foot on the property ladder.

The opportunities for growth and evolution are limitless if you have faith in the best outcome. This card is about possibility, potential and positivity; so why is it named The Fool?

The Fool is pictured stepping blindly off the edge of a precipice. Some may think your pursuits are in vain, that you’re being silly. This card tells you that you can have faith, you can trust that everything will pan out well for you. Don’t let negativity or past experiences hold you back. Today is a new day.

When this card is drawn it is symbolic of your desire to be happy; spiritually happy. You are searching for the thing that will bring you happiness. You have high hopes and you are thinking of so many ways you can improve your life, including making a run for it! Finding the courage to take the first step into your own future can be daunting, especially when surrounded by life’s naysayers – but you can take your first step into the unknown with confidence that the universe will provide.

Release cares and worries and trust that what you need will come; not always in the way you might imagine, so let go of the details- just keep putting one foot in front the other as your path unfolds.

Bon Voyage!

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