Tarot card Magician

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Tarot card Magician

Card number 1 in the Major Arcana is The Magician

When you draw this card it is telling you that you have all the skills you will need to make a success of any venture.

The Magician is a master alchemist, a whizz at managing everything and he has total self belief that he can make the life of the dreams happen.

Whatever it is you’re wanting to achieve, in whatever area of your life, The Magician lends his talents and helps you mainfest help, tools, skills and support to reach your goal.

Tapping into your full potential instead of holding back is key. Everyone around you will think you are wielding a magic wand, but you’ll just be drawing on your inherent skills to make things happen.

The Magician card depicts a robed man standing behind a table with a sword, a cup, a wand and a pentacle; the four suits of the tarot. This signifies the properties of each suit is at your disposal; the emotion of cups, the money of pentacles, the communication of swords and the creativity of wands.

The Magician is captured at the point of casting his spell. He is at ease and in command. He hides nothing, demonstrating this card’s connection to honesty and truth. It’s time to be genuine, open and forthright. You have everything you need to make changes in your life and find your authenticity.




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