Empress learn the tarot card meaning

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Empress learn the tarot card meaning


The Empress. Numbered three in the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Concerned with abundance, fertility, maternal influence, creativity and growth. She represents successful outcomes if you want to start a family, get into the creative industries or start a business.

Surrounded by abundant resources, The Empress is the fruit of all labour, she exudes a fertile landscape on which to create your future. You’re likely to find yourself immersed in art, music and culture. Spending on luxuries, enjoying indulgent pleasures which nurture the soul and expand the mind.

The Empress is governed by Venus, planet of love and epitome of feminity. Her female traits are her powerful traits, she is mother, goddess, siren, nurturer, beautifier of things. She is every flower and every fruit, every tree and every plant. She gives birth to ideas, is the mother of creative endeavours and nurtures growth in new adventures, businesses and philosophies.

Yes, she is a diva. She is always taken care of. She can often be blind to hurt she may cause.

Yes, she is superficial. She enjoys the bloom of new romance but quickly bores if mundane life takes over.

The Empress is also a symbol of hope, of a brighter future on the horizon, of riches, of needs taken care of, of abundant resources and of support.

Whether it’s a new relationship you seek, a baby for your family, a great start to something new, The Empress card promises to share her wealth of positive potential with you when she appears in your readings.


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