Emperor Tarot card

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Emperor Tarot card

Numbered four in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the Emperor card is the sign of a benevolent ruler.

Protector, patriarch and one who expects the rules to be played by. The Emperor sits on his throne and rules with stoic authority and experienced power.

Tap into your strategic mind and set plans that the Emperor will see through to the end with you. Honour, discipline, authority and organisation matter most when the Emperor appears in a spread. Do you need to adopt these traits or is there someone in your life that this describes?

He indicates that you have a chance for successful growth and achievement of the personal goals you have set. Self control, hard work, being of service to others and following a particular structure and set of rules is important.

Difficult choices may need to be made, frivolity and romance take a back seat, but the choices will be made with honour and will be followed through with discipline.

A kind, older man, (a father figure), who rules with an iron fist is part of your life. He is there to guide and protect you. Following his example can only bring success, dedicate your energy to being the best you can be and prove that his faith and hopes for you are not unfounded.

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