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Book reviewWhat is The Secret?

A 2006 book by Rhonda Byrne which began life as a movie, usually found with the self-help or metaphysical titles in bookstores.

No, I mean; what is the secret? What is the book about?

Ah, well, it’s about an age old belief system based on the law of attraction. A universal law that just is. Think about it, the universe operates in the most effortless way; plants don’t strain to grow, the earth rotates so day and night cycles follow a pattern with zero effort.

The book, (and film), features many big names in the world of philosophy, quantum physics, therapy and metaphysics; authors, thinkers, speakers. People like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Jack Canfield, Bill Harris, Dr John Hagelin, Dr John F Demartini, Lisa Nicholls, Fred Alan Wolf, Rev. Dr Michael Beckwith, James Arthur Ray, Lee Brower and many more.

The basic premis is this;

“Thoughts become things”

Whatever you think about is what you get in life. Whatever thoughts you give the most emotion to, are those which manifest faster.

Here’s the rub; EVERYTHING THAT’S AROUND YOU RIGHT NOW, YOU HAVE CREATED! Yes, even the really crappy stuff, stuff you’d class as out of your control and not your fault. That’s down to your thoughts.

Humans have between 60,000 and 90,000 thoughts a day. You can’t control all of these thoughts, so you have to let these transient thoughts flow in and flow straight back out.

To manifest the life of your dreams, you must celebrate all the good things in your life, invest massive amounts of happy emotions to those things which feel good to you, those things you want to happen to you again and again.

Worry and fear have the same effect as happy emotions, so if you invest these emotions in your poor experiences, you get more of the poor experiences!

Whatever you think about, whatever you invest the most FEELINGS into is what you will attract.

Your mind can’t distinguish between reality and imagination either, so if you don’t have the life you really want, you can imagine that you have it and invest lots and lots of positive emotion into the imaginary scenarios.

Gratitude is also a powerful exercise. Daily thoughts of gratitude about what you already have, bring you more of the things you can be grateful for.

When you catch yourself feeling low; being stressed and worried about negative things in your life that you wish were different, you need to change your emotions, SMILE, dance and focus your mind on all the things that are good right now. The universe will give you what you think about.

“Your wish is my command”

Remember the tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp? The oldest versions of this story see our hero getting limitless wishes, not just the three wishes of later versions. The Genie represents the limitless universe, the idea of something bigger than us bestowing all the gifts we could possibly wish for on us.

The magic formula is this;

Step 1. ASK write it on paper, write it out, the universe is your catalogue, place your order.

step 2. Unwavering belief that it will happen. Let go of HOW just accept that it WILL release doubts, suspend disbelief. Have faith.

Step 3. Receive, feel it now, invest all of your positive emotions in life you want to attract. Imagine you have it already.

Your job is to spot the divine opportunities … and ACT when they appear.

What do you want to attract into your life?

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