Dream wolf symbolic meaning

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Dream wolf symbolic meaning

Maybe you’ve been watching too much Twilight and that’s why your dreams are filled with ferocious wild pack animals? Or maybe you have a need to feel more independent, (wild), whilst in a relationship, (pack)? Whatever the reason, this beautiful, majestic and mysterious animal is feared, worshipped and often misunderstood.

As a source of sacred wisdom, the wolf, (and other wild dogs like jackals and coyotes), are portrayed as guardians of hidden realms and protectors of the gateway to deep emotions. Dreaming of animals such as these shows a need to unearth what is being hidden or buried deep.

The wolf is also portrayed as an insatiable hunter who employs sly tactics to make the kill. Dreaming of a wolf being tactical and clever, may mean you’re feeling under attack, defensive and not an equal match against underhand moves.

If we examine wolf folklore, tales and legends, there is a decided split in perception of the wolf, between ancient symbols based in Native American folklore and the tales of Old Europe dating back to the 10th Century.

Thinking back to Twilight; the Quileute tribe’s ability to transform into vampire-slaying wolves is seen as a gift, granted it’s a dark gift which brings suffering to the transforming brave and those in love with him/her, but in the main the members of the wolf pack are forces against evil and wise protectors of human kind from bloodsucking killers.

Pitch this idea of good, evil-fighting super-wolves against the European fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, who’s grandmother succumbed to the cunning of the wolf who ate her before trying to trick Red herself into being the dessert course, and you see a very different symbol of the wolf; trickster, feared, killer.

Whether protective or sly, the wolf is elusive and wild, ferocious and unrelenting. Wolves are uncivilised. Wolves do not conform. Dreaming of wolves brings all of these facets into one whole, directed mainly at how you view the wolf culturally. Do you long to feel part of the pack? Do you want to protect something important? Are you fiercely defending your territory? Do you require stealth to achieve an aim? Do you long to let go of inhibitions and attack something with unbridled passion?

Seeing wolves in a dream brings together the symbol of the dog’s loyalty, companionship and unconditional love, with the symbol of being wild, free and independent. There is a need to tap into your authentic feelings using your primal instincts. What is you’re guarding? What are you defensive about? What do you need deep resources and instinctive freedoms to attack?

If the animal in your dream attacks you, this represents feelings you normally repress erupting uncontrollably; as you’re not owning the feelings or the energy associated with the feelings, you feel threatened by it.

A wolf baring his teeth is a symbol that your instinctive urges are about to ‘tear through’ your desire to be ‘good’. A snarling wolf makes you fearful and represents your fear relating to whether you should  allow yourself to dig deep and reveal your true self. You’re ‘eaten up’ with the fear of allowing your emotions free reign.

If the wolf is a werewolf, this portrays the notion of hiding or doing something behind closed because expression of your natural, true emotional self is a bit monstrous – driven by the full moon, the werewolf can also be related to adopted behaviours associated with the mother. The moon represents a tidal wave force pulling on your emotions.

So it appears that your psyche is urging you to look deep within and identify where you could give some freedoms to your primal instincts. As long as you are aware that as many people will respect and revere you for your actions as will malign and be wary of you for them.

…but I suppose, you can’t win ’em all!

Act with nobility and wisdom, always being true to yourself.

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