Dreams about weddings

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Dreams about weddings

When you’re trying to fit in and adopt behaviours that are not right for you, you will find that you’ll dream of attending weddings that are not your own.

Wedding dreams are all about the integration, (or lack of), of the many different sides of you.

Going through the routine, (or ritual), of public acceptance is common. When you’re in this situation, a wedding dream is also common, with other symbolism giving you clues about what behaviours you’re adopting, i.e; a focus on wedding cars would be behaviours around motivation that you are adopting, bridesmaids might reference behaviours around service, dresses may indicate a focus on feminine traits…

if the wedding is your own, you could be looking to integrate something into your life, merging different sides of yourself. So, for example, if you’re a sales rep who’s behaviours are nurturing you may dream of marrying an aggressive person as a representation of your perceived need to adopt this persona. Or maybe you’re shy and you dream of marrying a loud celebrity which would indicate adopting a more outgoing persona.

To dream of the ceremony indicates that this integration is already happening. Vows are made during times of transition or at key points in your life. This positively reinforces the solidity of the transformation occurring within you.

The Bride, usually in white, indicates purity and the blank canvas of a new start. When a woman gets married, she will often lose her identity, taking on her husbands name. Look to the other characters you can see and assign an adjective to each to assess whether their primary trait is one you’d want to adopt or not. If you can’t find the person you’re supposed to marry, consider that a sign you might be lacking some essential quality that you think you need to progress.

The wedding ring is a symbol of infinity, of a promise and of family, (as in circle of life). There is also a suggestion of ancestry; what is passed to you and what you pass to your children.

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