Dreaming of a train what does it mean?

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Dreaming of a train what does it mean?

Dreaming of any kind of transport indicates that you are focussed on your career or life-path in your waking state. Transport dreams give insight into motivation, drive and moving forward in life. Unlike dreams about cars, where you are control of the vehicle, you are usually the passenger in train dreams and so are not in control of moving the vehicle forward; not in control of its direction. See Dream Symbols | Car for the meaning of car dreams

Trains run along tracks and visit specific stations at specific times. As dream symbology, it is likely that the dreamer will be wondering  if they’re on the right track or achieving enough for this period in their life. Train dreams relate to feeling out of control of your destiny and following a path already laid out for you.

Missing a train can point to a sense of failure due to expectations imposed on you, (usually this would be by someone in authority; parents, employer, etc.) Jumping on and off trains signifies that you are trying to find your own way while dreaming that you are trying to catch a specific train means that you’re a little too caught up in the demands of your daily schedule and might need a break.

The train station is a place of transition between one route and another. This is where you can change direction and head towards a new destination. If you are sat waiting for the next train you might be waiting for something new to arrive; idea, role, inspiration, etc. Or you might feel like you should be achieving more by this point in your life and the train you’re waiting for represents this expectation. If you have disembarked and are leaving the station, this suggests that you have gone as far as you can on the current path and have ‘arrived’. A train station gives you a pause from your life’s timetable and offers a platform to reflect on whether you’re being true to yourself and are content to continue as you are. If you’re unhappy with your lot, the station is a place where you can find an opportunity to consider other destinations or departures from your current route.

Changing the course of a train is not easy, you’re reliant on the tracks that have been laid by those people who decided long ago where each station was going to be. Trains are an invention of the Industrial Age, so relate heavily to industry – work – especially that which is regimented, regulated and follows specific schedules, pre-set criteria and has expected destinations. Examine your feelings after a train dream. If you are left feeling excited and filled with anticipation of a better destination, this is a good dream in relation to your work; you know where you’re going and you’re enjoying the ride. If you’re left with a sense that you’re late, under pressure meet deadlines or missing something, it might be time to think about getting off your current train and finding a new destination. Give some thought about opportunities to do work which you love rather than work that you have to do.


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