Dream symbol car

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Dream symbol car

The Car. A classic symbol of ambition in life. When giving meaning to dreams focussing on cars you must first consider whether it’s being driven; (directed ambition), or is parked; (stalled ambition).

You’re in charge of your own destiny if you’re the driver. If a parent or boss is driving you’re likely to be allowing their authority to rule your ambitions, for example; are you following a career path because your father asked you take it up?

If you’re the driver, are you in control and heading where you want to go or are you driving erratically or around in circles? Reflective of your current motivational state, the way you’re controlling, (or not controlling as the case may be), the car speaks volumes about the level of control in your daily life.

If you reach a stop sign, it might be time to take stock. If you’re circling a roundabout, this signifies the need for a choice in direction. Turning right means you need to think logically and be more analytical in planning your future while turning left signifies that creativity and exploration are the keys to your success.

The car’s colour can help you identify areas to focus on, e.g.; red = passion, blue = ideas, green = money.

Finally, the condition of car also holds significance. Driving a gorgeous shiny new car that belongs to you means your ambitions are in line with your life path/purpose. Stealing a car means you lack authenticity in your ambition and need to spend time finding out what really makes you tick. An old jalopy signifies that worn out ideas could be holding you back and you need to release them to allow new directions in. If your car is full of fuel, you have a long road of success ahead with plenty of ‘drive’. An empty gas tank means your motivation will be short-lived and will maybe need ‘topping up’.

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