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Cat British shorthair dream sysmbolIn general, cats¬†avoid being domesticated and reject too much intimacy. When you dream of a cat there’s a focus on feminine qualities and your instinctive nature.

Cats have supreme balance and are light on their feet. Reflect on the other dream symbols to see where balance can be restored with a light touch.¬†There’s a real spirit of adventure associated with the cat too, is there something you’re putting off that you’d love to do?

Cats are full of opposing qualities. They are manipulative and will be loving when they want something, like food. Ask yourself if you are manipulating someone, or maybe you’re being manipulated. Any defensiveness or reticence can stop you from having a satisfying relationship. Or maybe you need to be wary of ‘catting’ around?

Cats embody an independence of spirit and a self-sufficiency which borders on needing nobody, however the flip side of the cat is that it is soft and sensual.

Black cats can suggest luck, good or bad, other symbols present will identify whether it’s lucky or not! If a cat scratches you in a dream, you may be feeling threatened in your daily life. Some people dream of black cats as harbingers of bad luck and white cats as bringers of good luck, but it depends on your upbringing and what the symbol of a black cat means to you.

A Japanese lucky cat, (maneki-neko), popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures is a talisman to attract good luck. Note where it is displayed for further clues as to the meaning of luck with this symbol.

To see a sick or dead cat means you need to reclaim your independence and autonomy somehow. Are you being bullied? Are you being forced into doing something that goes against your authentic self? Or maybe you’re the one being oppressive towards another?

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