Crystal Healing | Amethyst

For anyone just starting out in crystal healing, an absolute must-have crystal is the Amethyst. A rich violet hue and the ability to enhance the properties of any other crystal, this is one of the most popular stones in any crystal thereapist’s arsenal.

Its properties include:

  • induces calm
  • reduces tension
  • curbs impatience
  • helps clear thinking
  • aids sobriety
  • enhances psychic connection
  • increases emotional intelligence
  • focusses logical analysis

The greek translation of Amethyst is literally ‘not intoxicated’ so this crystal is perfect for anyone trying escape toxic situations, people or substances.

Top 3 Uses:

  1. Use this stone to focus your mind when meditating. Hold it in your hands or place it near to you.
  2. Carry a piece of Amethyst to help you either avoid toxicity or give you additional emotional support in the face of toxicity.
  3. Submerge Amethyst in fresh water, leave overnight and then remove the crystal and drink the infusion it to alleviate cravings or to help with detoxing.

What’s your favourite Amethyst use?

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