Crystal rose quartz

Crystal Healing | Rose Quartz

Crystal rose quartz

With its soft pink hue, rose quartz is considered the love crystal; it’s like a magnet for romance!

Think of the first blush of new love and the warmth of everlasting love. Used by the ancient Egyptians to represent ownership and also thought to prevent wrinkles. To the Roman’s Rose Quatz represents the gift of love bestowed to humankind by Cupid. Called the love stone by ancient Native American cultures, it was set into amulets to dispel anger and negativity; resolving disputes.

Meditate with Rose Quartz to facilitate love entering your life or to deepen your connection with others. Rose Quartz increases compassion, and also helps you to be kind and attract kindness to yourself; dispelling any negativity, fear and suspicion that might be holding you back. A great mantra for meditating with Rose Quartz is;

” I accept love flowing to me and I project love to all areas of my life”

Imagine a gentle pink light surrounding you and suffusing its glow all around you.

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