Crystal Aquamarine healing therapy

Crystal Healing | Aquamarine

Crystal Aquamarine healing therapy

A fantastic stone to use for cleansing rituals, aquamarine reduces stress, eases the minds of sensitive people, reduces tensions and promotes tolerance.

Meditate with this beautiful blue-green crystal to sharpen the intellect and clear confusion over issues. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of serenity, choose aquamarine to clarify perception, increase intuitive responses and help you make decisions.

If you are in a place of disharmony and discord, (maybe you’re stuck between two people in a disagreement or can’t move forward after an argument), aquamarine lends a calming energy which promotes peace and overcomes judgmentalism. Place aquamarine in the space where this energy can be most helpful in creating closure.

  • Increases courage
  • Promotes inner power
  • Aligns you to your purpose
  • Soothes ruffled feathers
  • Promotes closure on arguments
  • Helps you to move on
  • Calms overwhelm
  • Aids clear thought
  • Encourages decision making
  • Cleansing, tranquil, safe
  • Meditate in peace and serenity
  • Inspires intuition and prophecy


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