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Book Review | The Millionaire Course

Book review

Writing a review for Marc Allen’s The Millionaire Course is a real pleasure. Not only did I read the book, but I downloaded it as an audiobook and listened to it on the road.

It’s jam-packed full of fascinating theories, wonderfully motivating actions and inspiring questions to help the reader design a satisfying life. This comprehensive guide also addresses how we achieve excellence and how we communicate with each other. Allen’s opening gambit is;

“Welcome to an adventure”

Millionaire course keys Marc Allen

Allen goes on to explain that the adventure is one we design for ourselves. Allen had already seen success with his book A Visionary Business before The Millionaire Course was released. In this book, he encourages readers to discover a dream life through a series of exercises and then he provides a series of “keys” to help with reach success.

Set out in a series of lessons, each chapter delves deeper into our psyche and challenges old perceptions to clear the way so we can easily implement the magic “keys”. It’s a thought provoking, life changing read which wades to the core of your deepest desires and focuses your thoughts on the achievement of your goals.

Your dream or goal is set by first imagining your ‘ideal scene’. Making a record of what each life-area needs to look like, writing it down, cutting it out of magazines, drawing pictures, etc. The whole idea is based on the second of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; Begin with the end in mind.

I want to make it clear that while Marc Allen draws regularly on the teachings of the great masters of motivation, this book isn’t a rehash, rather a pulling together of principals and thoughts to establish a process for planning, envisioning and ultimately manifesting the life you always wanted.

Allen takes us from setting the intention to writing down the plan and then on to my favourite lesson; discovering your vocation and purpose. I must have read this chapter through a dozen times and had the audio book set on loop until I drilled down the meaning I wanted in my life, matched it with my skills and discovered a path aligned with my authentic self… you’re visiting the blog I started on the back of my discoveries.

The book continues with chapters on optimism and the importance it plays in realising your goals, cooperation and partnerships for success, avoiding ‘management by crisis’, embracing change and enjoying life, finding your core beliefs and challenging them, taking your time to grow at your pace, sharing abundance, spiritual awareness, and finally; doing what you love for success to follow.

If you are seeking practical advice which motivates you to make positive changes in all areas of your life, The Millionaire Course is for you.

“Our purpose is to evolve into something greater, to transform our lives and our world for the better.” – Marc Allen, The Millionaire Course


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