Go Vegan don't eat animals

An open letter from Animals to Humankind

Dear Mr Animal Lover,

I know you wouldn’t eat your pet. I know you detest big game hunters. I know that you wouldn’t knowingly inflict suffering on a sentient being. I know that you believe in the humane treatment of all living creatures. I know you buy ‘grass-fed’, ‘local-farm-reared’ meat.

Please wake up.

I don’t mean to rude, but seriously, do you not see your hypocrisy? Closing your eyes to the insane amount of suffering of the animal agriculture industry and choosing to remain ignorant of the truth about the sickening violence of slaughter does not make eating meat natural, normal, compassionate, healthy or right.

Please watch the following documentaries before you tell me you couldn’t give up meat, that you need meat to survive, that you’d die if you had to go a day without cheese.

Yours faithfully, (faithfully because I die every day for you),

The Animals of Earth

1. Earthlings

2. Forks Over Knives

3. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (1&2)

4. Cowspiracy

5. Food Choices

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