Dream meaning symbol baby

Dream Symbols | Baby

Dream meaning symbol baby

The Baby or unknown child in a dream represents your responsibilities in life, new projects and the emergence of a new side to you.

You may feel responsible even if you have no clue where the baby came from. That’s because you are ultimately responsible for nurturing your emerging growth and potential.

Consider what is special about the child and other dream symbols to identify what aspect of your personality is emerging or trying to emerge. Try to identify skills you can nurture, talents you can hone, identities you can tap into.

Dreaming of twins represents balance after a tough choice has been made.

Feeding a baby represents nourishment that is needed to succeed and identifies that this aspect of yourself is worth investing in.

Seeing a baby grow quickly means that this aspect of your personality is likely to overtake previous, outworn ideas.

Being afraid to lose a baby or leave it behind may describe that your emerging aspect is tentative and needs protecting if it is to fully emerge.

As we journey through a transformative period or rebirth, we often encounter the baby, who turns into the unknown child and eventually an older child, signifying fully assimilated aspects and traits which are a developed part of your psyche.

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