Yoga | Proud Warrior I Pose (Modified)


Proud Warrior and Modified Proud Warrior are dynamic stretches.

Start with Virabhadrasana I, pictured above, which is the modified version of Proud Warrior and allows you to establish balance and strength before progressing to Proud Warrior pose.

Turn to face right and breathe in. On an exhale, step into a gentle lunge, (make it comfortable to begin with, you can space it farther out as you progress with yoga practice). Ideally, keep your back foot at right angles to the front foot for balance. Soften the knees, breathe in and on an exhale bend the front knee to a right angle, keep knee directly above ankle. Inhale and lift your arms forwards, up and above your head, pointing straight up, palms facing. Engage abdominals about 30% and lift breastbone away from navel. If your lower back feels compressed, take a second or two to lift up through spine and lean slightly forward to relieve this. Gaze at a spot in front of you and hold the pose for 10 seconds, feeling the length in your spine and power in your chest, like a hero or warrior. To release the pose, bring back foot forwards and swap legs to repeat on other side.

This pose improves balance, focus and concentration. It heals your life force; in this pose you can find peace of mind and relieve depressive or bipolar symptoms. This pose helps you realise that no matter what chaos surrounds you, at your core you have balance and strength; reliable qualities.

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