Quartz crystal healing

Crystal Healing | Clear Quartz

Quartz crystal healing

Clear Quartz, a.k.a Rock Crystal or Quartz Crystal is often revered as the master of all the healing crystals. Associated with the crown chakra, this stone is a fabulous amplifier of energy, thoughts and the properties of other crystals.

Clear Quartz is a cleanser which absorbs negativity; great to place in a room where high emotion, pain and blame are expressed.

Clear Quartz can be used directly on the crown chakra to clarify thoughts and neutralise all background interference and the fog of cloudy memories and feelings. It also disrupts the interference from electronic equipment, so clears the space for more natural, higher thought work. Perfect for psychic connections and meditations.

Quartz is the crystal of traditional crystal balls, opening the higher mind to connect vision and thought with the psychic realms. Quartz has a wonderfully soothing energy and is excellent when calm is required.

Quartz is also used in dowsing or pendulum work, connecting the higher mind with the Earth energies to give clear indications of yes, no answers.

We can also see quartz crystal regulating the crystal oscillator in a quartz clock, making quartz clocks more accurate than their mechanical counterparts.

The master balancer, Clear Quartz stimulates immune functions, re-aligning and regulating energy within the body for better health. It’s a multi-faceted healer, working on emotional, spiritual, physical and mental planes to stabilise and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

Clear Quartz is aligned to all sun-signs, being governed by the Sun, and is associated with all four elements, Earth, fire, air and water. It’s like the multi-linguist of the crystal family. It’s mainly colourless or white, but it’s spectrum under sunlight covers all colours. Quartz can have inclusions in the less pure pieces, however these don’t p.


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