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Book Review | Notes from the Universe

Book review

This book is something else, and has quickly become one of my go-to inspirational reads. An uplifting collection of beautiful messages which were originally sent as a daily email to 150,000 subscribers before being compiled into a book.

Thought provoking questions mingle with heartfelt messages, written in the first person from The Universe with Author Mike Dooley acting as translator.

The words, sentiments and concepts contained in this page per message tome prompt the reader to remember just how special and important they are. While reading the book, my positive energy rose through the roof and I felt so very inspired and motivated, loved and integral. I felt like a (very important) part of a grander plan, a larger scale, a wider scope.

Connection to the energy of The Universe is vital for those of us who want to realise the lives of our dreams. The way this book is written makes you feel directly connected to a higher power, it gives personality to the Universe, the Universe is talking to you, telling you how wonderful you are, how amazing your life is.

For example:

Can you keep a secret? You know the space between you and all things, the void. Like right now, the space between you and this book.

That is where I hide…and watch.

Looking to see what your expectations are: of yourself, others, abundance, health and happiness. And from this space…as I catch your thoughts, hear your words, and see all you do, no matter where we are…I manifest the next moment in time.


The Universe

PS – If you reach out now, into this space, you can feel me. I’m here. It’s true. You’re never alone.”

Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe


The messages vary in length and are not uniform in format, so each message is fresh to the senses. Some messages are several paragraphs long, some are single paragraphs, some a sentence and some just one word. All are inspirational.

As well as reading cover to cover, this book is great to flick through and randomly select a message to meditate on and to carry with you through the day. I dare you not to be inspired…


Book cover Mike Dooley Notes from the Universe


Dooley talks often about joy; “joys on earth”, “joy of manifesting”, “pride and joy”, “imagine the joy”. He talks more above love; “we are loved”, “cannot help but love”, “waves of love”, “where love can grow”. He talks about manifesting, dreams, thoughts and of course The Universe.

The way it’s written is punchy, personal and relatable, the messages truly are like notes from a dear and trusted friend, the friend who only wants the very best life for you and who is there for you, no matter what.

Dooley tells us in the introduction to the book how his powerful belief that thoughts becomeĀ things kept him from taking the safe path and pursuing a traditional career. He encourages us to have faith, to believe wholeheartedly in doing what we love to do and to let go of trying to controlĀ how the future will manifest; just sit back and enjoy the ride. Moment by moment.

Discover your inner path and attract your dream life by focussing on the future result and allowing The Universe to take care of the details and deliver your wish, or something better, to you.

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